Membership rules description


● Member rights:

– General members can enjoy a discount of 5% for the first order, and a 9.8% discount for repurchase over 5000

-Platinum members can enjoy 5% off if they purchase 30,000 or more

-Diamond members can enjoy 9% off if they purchase 30,000 or more

-Video selection service, not participating in member discount activities 

● Matters needing attention:

–   Platinum MemberThe event starts on 2020/12/31, orders before 12/31 will not be counted.Diamond membershipThe event starts from 2021/2/22, orders before 2/22 will not be counted.

-Platinum & Diamond members are permanent memberships.


Easywholesales accessories reserves the right to modify the membership method / renewal method / discount at any time.

* If there are returned goods in the order, it will not be included in the cumulative amount of the membership threshold.